JustCom were delighted to take part in “Critical Communications Now!” and you can watch the full webinar at 10:00~10:40AM CEST London Time, September 28th 2021 by registering here.
Read the full Caltta press release below-
When you look closely at the players in the global professional mobile radio (PMR) marketplace with the zeitgeist of going broadband, you will notice that they take on the challenge and/or opportunity in different approaches; and such difference originates from their technological expertise reservoir. Caltta started as a department, which was dedicated to developing PMR solutions, of a world leading telecom company. It has already won the leading position the highly competitive PMR market of China for years before it operates as an independent brand. Recently, Gert Jan Wolf from MCCResources and Jesse Zhu from Radio China invited [Director of Caltta Overseas] Leo Li, [Product & Marketing Director] Fan Zhu, [Chief Representative of Europe & Turkey] Steve Sheng, [Sales Director of JustCom Distribution] Andrew Hyde, and [CEO of WNCS] Lucien De Groot to join a group interview and to share their insights of the dynamic market from the perspective of a manufacturer, distributor, and system integrator.


While telecom companies actively bring their 4G LTE and 5G solutions to industrial sectors beyond their traditional customer base, mostly MNOs, PMR manufacturers have been expanding their offering with LTE capacities. A combination of differences in such as technical strength, customer base, and value proposition leads to different strategies taken by various vendors. At the interview call, Caltta directors introduced why Caltta is in a unique position to converge narrowband and broadband communications technologies for private network users across the world, as well as took the opportunity to briefly introduce their convergent solutions and products.


JustCom Distribution is Caltta’s partner in the UK and WNCS is Caltta’s partner in the Netherlands/Germany & Poland. Andrew from a distributor’s perspective and Lucien from an integrator’s shared their understanding of their respective local markets. Both shed some lights on why they chose to work with Caltta. The common motivator is that they need a full solution for private network communications of now and the future; and Caltta’s portfolio covers the range.


The interview video will be live via a CCNow webinar at 10:00~10:40AM CEST London Time, September 28th 2021; Team Caltta and its partners will be hosting the live Q&A session. Please register here and reserve a slot on your calendar.


Leading Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) industry media, MCCResources (www.criticalcommunicationsreview.com/ccr) and Radio China (www.radiochina.info) joint hands to present a series of webinars themed as “Critical Communications Now” (CCNow). It is an initiative to present latest development of PMR related technologies, products, solutions, and manufacturers to the stakeholders of the industry.