Staff working alone outdoors?

Do you have staff working alone outdoors, maybe on a country estate, farm or other business?

With Caltta portable radios you can keep track of each other’s location in the event of an incident without the need for office based PC dispatch software packages which can be costly and are only of use if you have someone manning the office to keep a check on the PC.

Caltta radios can send their location to other display-enabled Caltta radios showing their location while ever you are talking on the radio. This information can be displayed in several easy-to-view ways:

16-point Azimuth and Distance

Shows the direction e.g. SSE (South South East) and an approximate distance away from you



Azimuth & Distance

Shows the direction  e.g. 149° (degrees on a compass) and an approximate distance away from you



Shows the direction, e.g. 149° (degrees on a compass), and an approximate distance away from you




Shows the direction, eg 3 o’clock, based on a clock face


GPS DMO Mode –

It allows the GPS location of a radio user to be displayed directly on the PH660 or PH690 radios. By enabling the GPS DMO and position info report, this allows users to see where in relation to themselves the current speaker is.